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Thanks for considering FLD Company.

FLD is an emerging and growing manufacturing company. Though the products it produces may seem to be monotonous industrial products, FLD is full of energy and vitality. The average age of our team members is less than 30 years old. FLD is at a great stage which can lead you to achieve dreams and your value.

FLD pays more attention to achieving staffs value. Without excellent staff, there won’t be satisfied customers, today’s development or any further future development. At any post, your safety, health and working condition will be the most important focus of the management. Even if you are at a common post, they will do their best to care for you so that you can do the best of your potential and grow in the team.

Join us, here we have the competitive social benefits, you can unleash your ambitions, show your charm, to become the most excellent one—FLD stage is waiting for you!