In order to achieve the goal of leading industries of FLD product,FLD has established R&D center with 25 technical engineers in total,8 senior engineers,3 weaving experts and 1 foreign expert.As we have one technical team with strong technology,profession, and rich experience in product and/or process design,and product manufacturing,FLD has been approved to be Provincial technology innovation center.

In order to ensure the continuous improvement of technical strength in new technology application and new product development,FLD has established long-term cooperative relationship with universities such as Hebei University of Science and Technology.

FLD has advanced R&D equipment and experimental capabilities, and adopts CAD, CAE, CAM and other methods for design. The products designed and manufactured have been widely used in aerospace, seawater filtration, water treatment, petrochemical, food, medicine, environmental protection, Energy, automotive, electronics and other industries.

FLD attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property, and has obtained 30 national patents, and will get 10 new patents each year.

Fields and directions of product development:

1、Seawater filtration: seawater filtration products with high corrosion resistance, high flow rate, high strength, long life ballast water filter, special candle filter for ships;

2、Environmental protection filter: filter element for dust removal and air purification;
3、Wire Mesh filtration in Automotive: Airbag filter, three-way catalytic conventer,lubricating oil filter;
4、Industrial water filter element: activated carbon filter, wire wound filter, pleated filter, filter element with high flow;
5、Melt filtration element: sintered mesh filter, sintered felt filter, special-shaped filter, pleated melt filter, leaf filter;
6、Standard filter element: international and domestic standard filter elements, different kinds of basket filter, T-type strainer, etc.

We will continue to pay attention to the latest developments of domestic and foreign markets, to develop more new products for our customers and create value for customers through technology and product innovation.